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A simple method to multiply your roses

A simple method to multiply your roses
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You have a beautiful rosebush at home and you would like to have one identical, or better, several other identical elsewhere in your garden?

You can do it and it's very easy to do.

Just a few steps and patience and you can admire your beautiful roses everywhere in your garden.

You will need:

- Rose plants, or miniature roses

- Clippers

- Flower pots, not too big

- Potting soil

- Plastic bottles

- A jar

- Water

- Powdered fertilizer to stimulate the roots to grow, made of special oxides and hormones

How to do:

1) If your miniature rose or rose plant has faded roses, it's perfect.

2) So take the stem with the faded rose, go to the bottom of this one, you'll see a little node.

3) Use clippers to cut this stem about 2 cm below the bud of this new stem.

4) Then, cut the flower, you will not need it any more for this project.

5) Always use clippers to cut leaves on the stem.

6) Now, use the clippers to peel the layer that cover the stem, about 2 cm so that all the nutrients can come out more easily and the roots can grow more easily.

7) If you do not plant your stems immediately in the ground, place them in a jar of water so they do not dry up.

8) When you are ready to plant the stem in the ground, make sure the soil is moist. Plant them in a flowerpot not too high and not too big.

9) You can add up to 3 or 4 stems per pot.

10) Soak the wounded stems into the powdered fertilizer made of special oxides and hormones.

11) Use another stem to make a hole in the potting soil, BEFORE planting the powdery stem in the potting soil, so you don't lose the fertilizer on the tip of the stem.

12) Cut a bottle of water in half and place it over the pot, remove some leaves if the bottle of water touches the leaves, but not all! Why? Because the leaves serve as solar panels (photosynthesis) they create energy that will be used to make new roots!

13) So, place the mini greenhouse outside, but not under direct sunlight. On your terrace for example, where there is a roof and the cuttings will have morning light.

14) Next, make sure there is condensation in the bottle every day. If you don't see any condensation, it's time to water it.

15) After 4 weeks only, you should have roots about 5 cm.

16) 3 months later, you will see new leaves, and even better, new roses will appear, to create new rose plants.

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Source: The whoot · Photo Credit: The whoot

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