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A very simple way to repair a hole in a sweater

A very simple way to repair a hole in a sweater
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The situation that I am about to describe you has probably already happened at least once in your life, or maybe more . . .

You take your new sweater that you love and have worn only once and put it in the washer to wash it. Once the cycle is over, you take it out of the washer and find a hole in your sweater.

Admit that there is nothing more discouraging than finding a hole in a sweater that you love.

In order to avoid throwing it away, the TipHero website has a simple tip to fix small holes in your favorite clothes in just 10 minutes ! Yes, you read correctly, only 10 minutes.

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Material :

- Damaged clothing (hole should be in the shape of a pinhole, measuring to 5 millimeters or less)

- Iron

- Ironing board

- Pressing cloth

- Spray bottle filled with water

- Fusible bonding web

- Cutaway stabilizer

Instructions :

1. Turn your garment inside out and place it on the ironing board with the hole facing towards you. Iron the area to be repaired until it is crease-free. Once cool, use your finger to bring together the excess pieces of wool around the hole so that it is completely covered.

Photo credit : TipHero

2. Take one inch of fusible bonding web and apply it over the hole to be repaired. Then take a slightly larger piece of cutaway stabilizer and place it directly over the piece of fusible bonding web.

3. Then you can iron your cloth.

Photo credit : TipHero

4. Repeat the steps if needed.

You now have a sweater like new !

Would you like to see the different steps to repair a hole in your sweater ? Watch the following video to see in detail each step needed to repair your favorite sweater.

No need to panic when you see a little hole in your sweaters, thanks to this simple trick, you'll know how to fix them.

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Source: · Photo Credit: TipHero

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