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A weird way to enhance the taste of cucumbers; milk them!

A weird way to enhance the taste of cucumbers; milk them!
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They are many many many kitchen and cooking hacks on the internet and this one might be one of the weirdest! To enhance the taste of cucumbers, people started to "milk" them! It is supposed to remove any bitterness from the vegetable. 

A woman @BasicallyPerkfect shared this unusual tip on TikTok and it went fully viral! She got over a million views and people are going crazy over this hack! The woman actually learned this trick from her sister when she was preparing a vegetable platter. 

She said: "I don't know if you've ever had a cucumber that's a little bit bitter, like it just doesn't taste fresh. That's because you have to milk your cucumbers." 

To "milk" a cucumber, simply cut the ends off the cucumber and start rubbing it against the cut part making circular motions. You will see some white liquid coming out. According to the Oregon State University that white substance is called cucurbitacin and is the cause of the bitter taste!

TikTok @basicallyperkfect

"Wild cucumbers contain relatively large concentrations of cucurbitacin and are highly bitter," said OSU vegetable breeder, Jim Myers. "while their domestic cousins we grow in the garden and buy in the store, tend to have less but varying amounts of the bitter compound."

Watch the hack for yourself and give it at try!

It sounds crazy but it can't hurt to try! Do you know any weird hack?

Source: Insider · Photo Credit: TikTok @BasicallyPerkfect

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