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A woman found the easiest way to clean the door of her stove

A woman found the easiest way to clean the door of her stove
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Getting rid of the burnt dirt and grease on the stove door can be a daunting task. Satisfactory results can be hard to get!

An Australian mother found a very simple way to do it, without spending hours scrubbing.

Explaining her tip on Facebook, she said she tried every imaginable product to clean the dirty stove door, but nothing seemed to work. Until she thought of simply using a dishwasher tablet and lukewarm water!

This trick simply consists in dipping the tablet into a pot of lukewarm water and then using it to gently remove any stains on the stove door.

"After years of using powerful chemicals and a ton of elbow grease to clean my oven, I'm amazed that just one dishwasher tablet, warm water and 'a light exfoliation' can do the job, she wrote on the page of a Facebook group called Mums Who Clean. I did not think it would be so easy."

The woman was so impressed by her results that she decided to share "before / after" pictures.

Here is her technique:

Dip a dishwasher tablet in a pot of lukewarm water and use the tablet to rub the glass.

Facebook -Mums Who Clean

Dip the tablet from time to time in the water to keep it moist and clean.

We can see the drastic transformation of the door. The once-greasy glass panel has become completely clean and clear thanks to this simple trick.

Facebook -Mums Who Clean

The main ingredient in dishwasher tablets dissolves food particles and stubborn grease, which helps remove stains easily and allows easy cleaning of cooked dirt.

After seeing the result, several Internet users have successfully tried the lady's trick.

Facebook -Mums Who Clean

Facebook -Mums Who Clean

Facebook -Mums Who Clean

A user shared that she had already used dishwasher tablets before to remove persistent food stains in pots and pans.

"I always use tablets to wash the dishes if I have food stuck on a dish," she said.

Just fill the dirty container with warm water and let it soak overnight. It will be surprisingly clean the next day!

A mother also explained how she used aluminum foil and a dishwasher-safe tablet to clean charred food off her oven's dirty grids.

She explained that the dishwasher tablet must be placed inside the aluminum foil, and that the grids must have soaked in a bathtub filled with hot water for at least two hours.

Facebook -Mums Who Clean

Facebook -Mums Who Clean

Then they are removed from the water, rinsed thoroughly and wiped.

This trick works because of a chemical reaction between the aluminum sheet and the dishwasher tablet.

How do dishwasher tablets work?

Phosphates: Phosphates, one of the main ingredients in dishwashing detergents, remove calcium deposits and help break down foods stuck to dishes and pans.

Enzymes: These biological catalysts act at the cellular level to break down food deposits and eliminate oil and fat by releasing proteins and peptides.

Bleaching agents: Detergents contain a small amount of chlorine bleach to further dissolve food deposits and provide additional cleaning.

Surfactants: Another small but essential component of dishwashing powder, surfactants prevent water stains and leave dishes fresh and clean after drying.

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