Tips and Tricks : A woman invents a napkin that can detect drugs in drinks
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A woman invents a napkin that can detect drugs in drinks

A napkin that can save your life!

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An American woman, named Dyana Sherman had a traumatic experience in 2016. In a bar, she was drugged by a friend.

She was traveling in Spain when one of her "friends" put drugs in her drink in a bar. He then assaulted her.

Traumatized by this horrible experience, she shared this story with her friends and family when she returned to the United States, her home country.

What she then realized is really shocking. She was not the only one to have experienced this kind of horrible situation.

She was really shocked when she knew she wasn't the only one. So Dyana Sherman decided to take things in hand and find a solution to this problem that many women are facing.

She then invented an ingenious way to detect drugs in drinks. A convenient way that we can take anywhere.

This is a napkin a bit special. Place it under your glass and put a drop of the drink on the napkin for the test.

If the drink contains drugs, the napkin will immediately change color. In this way, you will know immediately if the person in front of you wants to hurt you!

This KnoNap napkin is capable of testing for 26 of the 40 most commonly used “date rape” drugs.

Before KnoNap, there was already a coaster capable of detecting drugs but it was only detecting two drugs, GHB and Ketamine.

KnoNap actually means “The Napkin That Knows,” Her designer describes it as a "hygienic, discreet napkin so everyone can have it".

The goal of Dyana Sherman is that people "do not have to choose between social comfort and well-being".

An ingenious and practical invention that may save many people from a dangerous situation.

Watch a demonstration of the KnoNap in the video below:

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Source: Huffington Post
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