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A woman reveals her brilliant method to keep wasps away

A woman reveals her brilliant method to keep wasps away
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Most of us do not like to cohabit with wasps. We are afraid of being stung, we fear for the children. And we do not really know how to protect ourselves from these bugs ...

There are still some beautiful days to enjoy the patio and garden. Here's a tip to end the wasp season with peace of mind !

source: Pixabay

This woman's brilliant method of keeping wasps away will probably please you. Lex Shuler shared her own anti-wasp solution on Facebook, which has been shared nearly 410,000 times so far !

Lex explains that after having had problems with the wasps on her front and back porches, she decided to try a method she had read about. All she did was take a brown paper bag and fill it with plastic grocery bags to inflate it. She then tied the bag on one of her porches.

The woman explains that after hanging the bag, her wasp problem was gone ! Apparently, wasps do not like hornets and they think that brown paper bags are hornets nests. It drives them to flee and stay away.

It is a really simple and economical method, furthermore, environmentally-friendly. No expensive chemicals and and not toxic to your your health ! Just recycle materials that you all already have at home. It is safe for children, animals and plants. For you too, of course !

If the wasps have already left your land because cold weather is coming, keep this thing for next summer ! It will be useful to you at all times.

Each year, several thousand people are victims of bites inflicted by these poisonous insects. In rare cases, severe allergic reactions to venom result in death. Check with your doctor immediately if you experience a wasp sting, such as abnormal swelling, itching, dizziness, or shortness of breath.

Since prevention is better than a cure, it's worth trying this trick! Wouldn't you agree ?

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Source: · Photo Credit: Facebook - Lex Shuler

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