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According to psychologist, people who decorate early for Christmas are happier!

According to psychologist, people who decorate early for Christmas are happier!
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Halloween is barely past and the stores are already filled with various Christmas decorations! And even if the snow is not yet settled, the holiday frenzy is gaining more and more people. Your neighbors are perhaps already at the top of a ladder ready to install lights on their houses?

Does that sounds crazy to you?

When you see houses with Christmas decorations in the fall, you may find that the people who live there are in too much of a hurry. It even irritates many people, all this premature colorful joy!

However, did you know that is not a bad thing? On the contrary!

A psychologist claims that the sooner you put up your Christmas decorations, the more likely you are to be a happy person!

"In a world full of stress and anxiety, people like to associate with things that make them happy and Christmas decorations evoke those strong feelings of childhood," Steve McKeown, psychologist, told UNILAD. 

According to McKeown, Christmas decorations are a visual cue and a route to childhood excitement. Having decorations in and around the house extends the festive season. He also mentioned that people who decorate usually do it out of nostalgia. Either to relive the magic or to make up for past neglect, he said.

People who feel like decorating their own Christmas tree, making a gingerbread house, or carefully hanging stockings over the fireplace before Thanksgiving may also seem more friendly. A study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that there is a link between decorating a home for Christmas and social skills. 

According to that same study, a seasonally decorated home could help people who don't have friends in their neighborhood to integrate into the social activities of the area.

So don't hesitate to hang garlands, hang a branch of mistletoe and wear your Christmas clothes early in the season!

Be a cheerful and sympathetic person no matter what the grumpy people say! The children of the neighborhood will envy your arrangements and even the most resistant will end up smiling. And if people complain, tell them science is on your side! They will no longer be able to protest!

So go fearlessly dig into your decoration boxes and start imagining your next holiday decor! Stretch the fun! After all, the holiday season goes by pretty quickly and the winter is so long and dreary at times.

Dear diehard winter lovers, share this article without moderation so that more and more people take their happiness into their own hands and decorate the interior and exterior of their homes happily.

And if you're not convinced, you'll have to come to terms with being a Grinch and finding your own way to be happy or happy, all year round!

Perhaps you can write to Santa Claus, to give you some enthusiasm for trees, garlands and elves!

Source: People · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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