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According to science, divorce would make women 10 years younger!

According to science, divorce would make women 10 years younger!
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Divorce is often seen as a defeat and a failure by many people. Of course, it is something that can be very traumatic and difficult to deal with, especially after spending several years with that one partner.  

But after some time, divorce can actually benefit both body and soul. In fact, a study Kingston University, UK, show that divorce spells big boost to women's happiness! It would make the divorced women 10 years younger after separation. It might sound crazy at first, but keep reading to find out why.

After a divorce, women free themselves from their past, which allows them to better build their future. Nothing then slows them down to fully live their new life.

When one of the partner is a toxic person, the whole couple will suffer. When a woman choose to end an unhealthy relationship it helps her refocus on her own life and personal happiness.

An unhappy marriage is synonymous of constant tension and anxiety. The end of an unhappy union is therefore the only solution to regain internal peace.

After a divorce, women begin to take care of themselves again. They devote their energy to their health and well-being both physically and mentally. And they resume good habits!

Another study published in the journal, Economica show that women are significantly more happy five years following the end of their marriages. It would be even the happiest time of their lives!   

They would even be happier than men after a divorce: "In the study we took into account the fact that divorce can sometimes have a negative financial impact on women, but despite that it still makes them much happier than men," Professor Yannis Georgellis, Director of the Centre for Research at Kingston Business School added: "One possible explanation could be that women who enter into an unhappy marriage feel much more liberated after divorce than their male counterparts."

What do you think of this study? Do you agree? Are you in a happy relationship? 

Source: Buzz Ultra · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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