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According to science, here is how often couples should “do it”.

According to science, here is how often couples should “do it”.
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There is no such thing as "normal" in a couple intimacy.  While some describe themselves as hot bunnies, other couples prefer to exchange affection different ways and enjoy their sleep!  

But is there a frequency that would help us to live better as a couple and even to flourish?

According to a recent American study on sexual habits, it appears that in the early 90s, people made love 9 times more often than today!

This is explained by the greater number of single people, but also by a slowing down of sexual contacts within couples (married or not). It's also known that young people in their twenties have sex about 80 times a year, while people in their sixties engage in 75% less.

So what is the ideal frequency for sex as a couple?

According to experts in the field, a couple would be fulfilled by having sex about 54 times a year. So, about once a week (and 2 times extra for special occasions?)

What is your opinion on the matter? 54 times, is that too much or too little for you? 

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