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According to science, to be a happier couple you need to sleep naked!

According to science, to be a happier couple you need to sleep naked!
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The COVID-19 crisis is difficult for everyone and several couples are greatly affected. How to get through all this as a duo and keep your relationship healthy? 

A new study may have a lead ... Sleep naked!

This research, which was carried out by Cotton USA, states that couples who go to bed fully naked are generally happier than lovers who put on pajamas or other sleepwear. 

The scientists surveyed a little more than 1000 people from the U.K. to find out their sleeping habits as well as their level of happiness in their relationships.

They found that the majority of couples who sleep naked say they are happy (57%). Pajama enthusiasts would be 48% happy and people who wear a nightie would be 43% happy. And the less happy couples are usually wearing onesies!

But why is nudity so beneficial?

According to the author of this study, Stephanie Thiers-Ratcliffe, being naked prompts couples to show more openness to each other and to provoke more intimate connections. According to the same study, there are also factors that interfere with dating between lovers. Among other things, having a messy bedroom, having pets in bed, eating in bed, or wearing socks to sleep can affect couples' privacy.

If it's a bit difficult between you and your partner right now, then you can do some cleaning up, and crawl under the duvets naked - and don't forget to remove your socks too!

How do you usually sleep? Do you like to wear a PJ? Are you in a happy relationship?

Source: Salut Bonjour · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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