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Add a little touch of green to your interior with these 15 planter ideas!

Add a little touch of green to your interior with these 15 planter ideas!
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Houseplants are a great addition to any decor style and are very trendy lately. They bring a little color to your interior and there are so many ways to arrange them to your taste! 

Here are 16 ideas to decorate your home with a beautiful plant shelves and add a little touch of greenery. 

1. Multi Flower Stand

This classic black iron stand is perfect for bigger flower pots. 


2. Wooden Planter 

Very modern! This will look great in many decors. 


3. Butterfly Planter

Perfect for the interior or exterior!


4. Simple White Planter

This should be enough place for all your plants! 


5. Pole Planter

A very original idea!


6. Multilayer Iron Stand 

This stand enhances the beauty of colorful or green plants. 


7. All Wood Stand

This tiny stand is perfect for succulents and would look great in an office!


8. Wavy Shelf 

 Placed in a corner, near a window to bring as much light as possible to your plants and flowers, this shelf would certainly be a hit in any home.


 9. Spiral Shelf 

 The combination of wrought iron with wood is absolutely beautiful, especially with this spiral look! 


10. Shelf on Wheels

This splendid shelf remind of the wheels on old bicycles. It would look lovely on the front porch.


11. Small Shelf 

For succulents that do not grow tall this cute little shelf is an excellent choice. It looks even more lovely with the owl-shaped pots.


12. White Metal Shelf

 With butterfly and flower designs, this shelf has a little vintage feel to it!


13. Iron Arch

 Whether you put green plants or flowers, these arch shaped shelves will bring out their beauty.


14. Tall Flower Stand

This one would look really impressive in the living room!


15. Black Metal Stand

If you don't have many plants, this stand would be perfect!


16. Black Shelf

Here is a plant shelf that you could easily make yourself. It offers a lot of possibilities! 


Which one is your favourite?

Source: inspideco · Photo Credit: pinterest

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