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Alcohol and coffee may play a role in longevity.

Alcohol and coffee may play a role in longevity.
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Do you like to drink in moderate amount coffee or alcohol? Good news!

Several studies have revealed that alcohol and coffee may be linked to longevity.

Research shows that people who live more than 90 years share several common points including drinking alcohol and coffee everyday. If you drink about two glasses of beer or wine everyday, this could reduce the risk of premature death.

The study was conducted on a panel of 1800 Americans over 90 years old. They were examined and their blood and DNA analyzed.

The volunteers also had to answer questions about their lifestyle.

The study showed that drinking two glasses of alcohol prevented premature death.

"I do not have an explanation for that but I really believe that modest drinking is related with longevity" says Dr. Claudia Kawas in charge of the research.

Some experts, disagree with this hypothesis. A 2016 analysis of 87 studies showed that non-consumption or occasional alcohol allowed a longer and healthier life.

In addition, a glass of alcohol per day would increase the risk of breast cancer for women.

For the coffee, the amount recommended by Dr. Kawas is 200 to 400 milligrams a day, or two cups a day.

Other studies confirm this fact. People who drink two cups of decaf or coffee a day would live longer.

If you want to live long, you could exercise at least 15 minutes a day.

Dr. Claudia Kawas warns that better longevity does not mean that your brain is not better protected from dementia.

More than 40% of people over 90 have dementia and almost 80% are disabled.

Source: Today · Photo Credit: NBC

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