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Amazing parenting hack: 'Popsicle Shower'

Amazing parenting hack: 'Popsicle Shower'
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As parents you might have been warned that newborns weren't easy and while that not false, toddlers are so much worst! They can be moody, anxious, excited or simply filled with energy! 

Next time you are dealing with a toddler throwing a tantrum, try this hack shared on Reddit.

Reddit user u/Bigglesmith shared:

" Some time ago, I read a comment about someone’s mother giving them popsicles in the shower to calm them down and reset their mood. I can’t recall the post or the person, but boy has that tip been a game changer!

 Now, if I feel my kid is getting too wired or too sensitive or too anything, I suggest we have a popsicle in the shower and it’s like everything in her calms down instantly.

Every time we have a popsicle shower and I feel the calm descend, I vow to post something, just in case the original poster sees it and can see what an impact their little anecdote had on my family. Thank you, random stranger, for the most random and effective parenting tip I have received to date! My kid loves it, I love it, everyone ends up happy. Popsicle showers ftw!

TL;DR hot and cold are both so intense, put them together it just makes sense! " 

In other words, offer a popsicle to your toddler and start a shower (or a bath depending on their preference). You will see their mood change almost instantly! Some people think that is the the conflicting temperatures of the warm bath and cold Popsicle that soothes them. If you are not at home when a tantrum happens, you can try to give your toddler a sip of ice cold water through a straw. 

This trick works because cold is great to reset and the act of drinking through a straw stimulates your vagus nerve which reduces your heart rate and blood pressure. It is a full sensory experience! 

And there's no reason why adults can't try it too! Maybe swap the popsicle for ice cream or cold wine next time you are feeling under the weather?

Source: Kids Activities Blog · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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