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An adorable penguin couple was set free in a mall in Canada!

An adorable penguin couple was set free in a mall in Canada!
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With the COVID-19 pandemic, shopping malls have already been closed for quite a while now in many countries, including Canada. With the mall being completely empty, the West Edmonton Mall decided to accept two very special guests; a pair of penguins! How adorable!

In fact, the two African penguins live in the aquarium located in the underground of the mal, but they were left to wander around the mall for one afternoon! Luckily for us, someone filmed them so we can enjoy it too!

The two penguins named Dayo and Skadu really enjoyed this exploration opportunity and even waddle from one end of the mall to the other. Watch them below:

Many species are actually living in the West Edmonton Mall. The mall is home to sea turtles, penguins, reptiles, and more than 100 species of fish! But we have to admit that Dayo and Skadu are probably the cutest!

Are you excited to go back to the mall? 

Source: Diply · Photo Credit: Facebook - West Edmonton Mall

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