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An expert farmer reveals 5 things to watch out for to buy the perfect watermelon!

An expert farmer reveals 5 things to watch out for to buy the perfect watermelon!
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It seems almost impossible not to love the watermelon! It is a delicious fruit that is so refreshing, especially in the summer. However, we don’t always know exactly which one to get when we grocery shop. 

We usually seek a melon that is juicy, delicious and ripe, but overly ripped or sweet. 

We can tell you that you don’t need to be an agriculture expert to get the perfect melon! You can pick the right one and know if the watermelon is ripe without cutting it in half! To help you out, we are offering you these 5 advices from expert farmers that will help you get the perfect watermelon! 

1. Look for the Spot!

The yellow spot, also called the field spot, shows where the melon was placed on the ground. Ripe watermelons always have creamy yellow spots or even an orange-yellowish one: it is never white! 

2. Check the skin 

These brown or purple spots on the melon mean that bees have touched the pollinating parts of the flower several times. The higher the pollination, the sweeter the fruit!

3. Find out the melon’s gender

Many people do not know that farmers differentiate melons according to sex. For example, male melons are bigger, have an elongated shape and a bland taste. While the females have a rounded shape and are much sweeter. 

4. Watch out for size

It is better to choose neither the biggest nor the smallest melon of the lot. Take a medium sized one. And remember that, big or small, the watermelon must seem somewhat heavy for its size.

5. Inspect the tail

A dried tail indicates that the melon is ripe. If the tail is green, it probably means that the fruit has been picked too early and will not ripen enough. 

There you have it. Now you are a watermelon expert! You know everything there is to select the tastier watermelon!

You can enjoy delicious, sweet and juicy melon all summer long!

Source: Trucs et Bricolages · Photo Credit: Zuma Press

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