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An important warning to parents of young children: never put a blanket on a stroller.

An important warning to parents of young children: never put a blanket on a stroller.
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How to protect your child from the heat and the sun during a stroller ride? Many people simply decide to cover their baby's stroller with a blanket in order not to expose their baby too much to sun. But beware: a brand of Norwegian stroller warned people about this practice, by carrying out a simple test: with or without cover?

The results speak for themselves. 

Many parents who are well-intentioned and concerned about protecting their little babies from the sun and wind, place a small blanket on the stroller without realizing that this action could be really dangerous.

In the video, we can see a stroller covered with a sheet on the left side and one not covered on the right side. A thermometer indicates the temperature in each stroller.

After a while, when the temperature of the stroller without a sheet is 33.6 degrees Celsius, the thermometer of the covered stroller reads 39.1 degrees Celsius! It can make all the difference for a very small baby! A difference of almost 6 degrees makes the stroller on the left feel like a real oven.

It cannot be stressed enough how dangerous an environment that is too hot can be for an infant. We only thought of the deaths that occur when parents leave their child in a car that is too hot. Babies die tragically every year because of this. Very sad!

So you should avoid at all costs covering the stroller in which you walk your child. Walks during the hottest hours, between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., are also not recommended.

To keep your baby warm, try to walk in the shade. You can also get a fogger to refresh it from time to time.

When you return to your car, open the doors for a few minutes to ventilate before placing your baby in the seat.

Dress your child lightly and remember to make them drink regularly to keep him well hydrated.

And remember: no blanket on top of the stroller!

Enjoy summer with your little bundle of joy!

Source: Trucs et Bricolages · Photo Credit: Facebook

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