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An original gift for new parents-to-be: little “babies in diapers” figures.

An original gift for new parents-to-be: little “babies in diapers” figures.
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If you know future parents-to-be, here is a great personalized gift idea. For a baby showers or Christmas, they make beautiful souvenirs! Even in this time with COVID-19  you can still leave a beautiful gift basket on the front porch!

Here's how to put together a basket that's as pretty as it is practical! No need for glue, pins, etc. Only useful items for baby that presented very nicely!

Here's how to make "babies in diapers". 


  • Diapers
  • Baby washcloths (washcloths)
  • Scotch tape
  • Baby socks
  • Fine point markers / pens
  • A small basket


1. Firmly roll up the diapers and tape the rolls together.


2. Fold washcloths into a triangle and cover diaper.


3. Place a baby sock on the top of each roll.

4. Draw eyes and a nose, mouth, with Sharpie on each "face".

5. Arrange "babies in diapers" in a basket, sticking them together with other diapers if necessary.


6. Decorate with ribbon or other decorations if desired. Wrap the basket in transparent paper if necessary. Add a rattle or other small item, depending on your inspiration.


Your gift is ready!

Here is a video tutorial to help you make your beautiful basket:

Another idea on the same theme: a sleeping baby made with diapers and other accessories. Here is a video tutorial to guide you:

Source: Smart School House · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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