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Are you aware of the benefits you can gain from staying active even if you have difficulty walking?

Are you aware of the benefits you can gain from staying active even if you have difficulty walking?
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With age, or illness or an accident, getting around can become quite a hassle. Everyone has the right to a good quality of life, however, sometimes, we need a little extra helping hand to get around daily. And, for persons who have issues with and difficulties walking, a mobility assistance device could be quite welcome!

When it comes to mobility assistance, what does this entail, exactly?

It includes all specialized equipment that can assist a person move around more easily despite having a health issue, a handicap, weakness due to age or being in recovery.

What specifically comes to mind are crutches and canes, wheelchairs, walkers and scooters. Mobility aids are thus divided into two categories: walking aids and motorized mobility aids. In terms of walkers, they allow a person to walk while avoiding falls and it includes a small seat that can be used by this person to sit and rest if they are tired from walking. Scooters and electric wheelchairs, as the names imply, are motorized equipment that assists persons who have difficulty walking long distances.

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Who needs mobility assistance?

All persons who wish to maintain an active lifestyle despite mobility issues: seniors, persons with certain illnesses, injured persons, or persons in post-surgical recovery or recovering from an accident. Mobility assistance devices also reduce the risk of accidents and injuries for persons who often have mobility difficulties.

All this equipment was designed with the intention of compensating for someone with a disability, a handicap or an injury that has made it impossible for that person to move about independently. These transport solutions have been customized for the daily activities of persons who need to be able to move about autonomously.

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The benefits of an active lifestyle

No matter our age or condition, getting out into the fresh air is a healthy habit… and good for the moral too. We should not remain confined indoors, unable to walk because of advanced age or an injury. By remaining active, you will reduce the loss of bone density and risks for osteoporosis, quality of sleep will improve, your weight will be better maintained, and you will have more energy! Furthermore, in the event of surgery, an illness or an accident, getting out regularly will accelerate your return to good health. Another significant benefit that should not be disregarded: the continuation of an active lifestyle greatly reduces the risks of depression. Every reasons for using mobility aids are good ones!

How to decide from so many different choices? By enlisting the help of an expert, of course! Comfort, safety, support: the staff of MedEquip are very familiar with these three words! For all your questions regarding mobility assistance, don’t worry needlessly; trust their experts.

Source: MedEquip · Photo Credit: Pixabay / cocoparisienne

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