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Are you eating too much sugar?

Are you eating too much sugar?
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Do you feel unwell but quite don't know why? Are you feeling more tired or more irritable than usual? You might be eating too much sugar! Here are 8 ways your body is telling you; you are consuming too much sugar. If you recognize yourself in the following, it might be a good idea to see a doctor or health specialist and change your diet! 

1. You are always hungry

You have just eaten and feel hungry again? It might be because of high blood sugars! They are preventing glucose from entering cells which causes the body not to receive energy and therefore asking for food again! 

2. You are always tired 

If you are feeling tired for no reason, it might be due to high blood sugar level. As the body is unable to store glucose properly, the cells can't get the fuel they usually need causing more fatigue and less energy. 

3. You are always thirsty

Is your mouth always dry? If you are feeling thirsty al the time, you might suffer from severe fluid loss. Always opt for water instead of sugary drinks. 

4. You have infectious diseases often 

Unfortunately, high sugar is more often found in women and creates the perfect environment for bacteria, UTIs and yeast infections. Note that they can also occur in men. 

5. You are having dryer skin than usual 

Did you know that dry skin could be connected to high blood sugar level? It can damage nerves that are responsible for the swat glands and affect skin/water balance. 

6. You are having difficulties concentrating 

Can't focus on a task or book? Having high sugar levels might the cause! In fact, they prevent glucose accessing brain cells resulting in the brain having difficulties to get energy. 

7. You have blurry vision

High blood sugar affects also the cells of the eyes who might lose their ability to focus properly or even deform vision. 

8. You are more irritable

Research show that people with high sugar tend to be more anxious, irritable and are more likely to be depressed. It also affects your mood negatively. So maybe sugar doesn't make you happy after all! 

Do you recognize yourself in this article? How much sugar do you consume in a day? 

Source: Bright Side · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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