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Are you sure that you wear the right bra size? Here are 4 tips to find out

Are you sure that you wear the right bra size? Here are 4 tips to find out
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For many women, going to the stores for a bra is a nightmare. We must find the right size, the right model, while hoping that the bra will also make us look great and will have a nice color ... And we can be shy in front of the salesgirls who absolutely want to come in the fitting room!

Susan Bernard, a 60-year-old woman, was not wearing the right bra size for at least 27 years.

But that changed when Kimmay Caldwell, a bra-fitting expert, came to help her.

Previously, Susan wore a size 34C. However, according to Kimmay Caldwell's measurements, a 32DD was actually a better fit. The professional explained that women often underestimate the size of their cup size.

In this video, watch the meeting of Susan and Kimmay:

Here are Kimmay Caldwell's tips to buy the ideal bra for you:

1. Make sure the bra is snug on the loosest hook

With time and use, the bras stretch. So make sure it's snug even on the loosest hook, because it will last longer. You'll be able to switch to the other hooks as time goes on and the band stretches.

2. The cups should fit closely the bust

To make sure there aren't any unwanted gaps or spillage, the entire breast should be inside the cup. It also helps with good support.

3. The band must be parallel to the ground

The band under the bust should line up evenly from front to back. An easy check is to put a finger in between the two cups and the other on the clasp and make sure that the band is well positioned and fit well. This part between the breasts is responsible for 90% of you bra's support, according to Caldwell, so it's important to make sure it fits properly.

4. The bra should hold in place even if the straps move a bit

The straps must be able to move up to 1 inch (2 cm) on each side without disrupting the fit of the bra.

Not ready for an in-store fitting? People can even measure themselves right at home.

In this video, watch how to measure the right bra size.

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