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Bill Gates reveals the secret to his successful marriage with Melinda; they wash dishes together every night!

Bill Gates reveals the secret to his successful marriage with Melinda; they wash dishes together every night!
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Bill and Melinda Gates have been happily married for over 25 years and the billionaire couple revealed their secret; "Make sure your partnership is balanced." The very busy couple still make time every night to wash the dishes together.

Melinda told Business Insider that "Dividing up household responsibilities evenly in a marriage is key to establishing a balanced partnership".

The successful couple met back in 1987 when Melinda joined Bill Gates' company Microsoft as a product manager. They met during a work dinner when they were seated next to each other. Melinda rejected Bill the first time he asked her out, as she said he was not spontaneous enough. He then wanted to prove her wrong and called her again two hours later to ask her again! They have been married for 25 years now and have three children; Jennifer, Rory and Phoebe. 

Since then, the couple formed the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who is the largest charitable foundation in the world focused on ending poverty. And Bill is the co-founder of the company Microsoft. If they have time to do the dishes every night, what is your excuse? 

As household work usually and traditionally falls on women, splitting the work is helping solve the gender inequality problem, one step at the time! That type of work is actually called "unpaid" household work and studies found that women spend seven more years doing the chores than men! Melinda actually mentions the problem in her new book "The Moment of Lift : How Empowering Women Changes the World".  She claims that if women are able to lower the amount of work they do in the house, they will boost their workforce productivity significantly. 

The tradition of washing the dishes together came the day Melinda realized that she was always spending more time in the kitchen after dinner. Everybody else would just leave to their rooms and Melinda will be stuck on the sink doing the dishes. One day she said: "Nobody leaves the kitchen until I leave the kitchen!" and from that day, they all started to do the dishes together as a family!

If you want to learn more about her life with Bill and how to empower women, watch the interview below:

Does your partner help with the household work? It's never too late to start! 

Source: business insider · Photo Credit: business insider

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