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Camping season is coming soon: here is how to make your own fire starters.

Camping season is coming soon: here is how to make your own fire starters.
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Let the children go outside and give them bags so they can pick up pine cones in the garden or in the neighborhood !

It will be like a treasure hunt for them ! They will love the idea, especially if you tell them they can help you make the fire starters for the camping season ! Kids will be glad to pick up pine cones to make the fire starters with you !

Did you start talking about the camping season with them ? Kids love camping! And they like to make fires. If in addition they can try the fire starters they have made, they will be so happy !

There are also bags of pine cones for sale in stores like Micheals and De Serres.

It's also a great idea to offer them as a thank you gift to guests at a wedding !

To make the pine cone fire starters, you will need :

- Pine cones

- Old candles or paraffin wax

- Muffin tins

- Cupcake liners

- Lighter or matches

How to do :

1) Melt the wax of the old candles into a pot of water

2) Or read the instructions on the box of the paraffin wax to melt the paraffin wax

3) Add cupcake liners into the muffin tins

4) Pour the melted wax into the cupcake liners

5) Put the pine cones into the melted wax

6) Let cool the wax completely before taking the pine cones, let cool for 1 hour.

7) Unmold the pine cone fire starters when the wax is completely cooled

8) To start a fire, light the flame on the top of the pine cone. 

Do you like the idea ? Here is another one :

Cover all the pine cones with wax, use the color of your choice, put a nice label on the pine cone and offer them as a thank-you gift to all your guests at your wedding.

Source : Youtube Nifty Outdoor

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