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Can you find the mouse among the squirrels in this picture?

Can you find the mouse among the squirrels in this picture?
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Gergely Dudás (Dudolf) is a children's books illustrator and a famous "seek-and-find" game illustrator! He draws beautiful illustrations with "hidden" objects so we can all have fun finding them! Until someone gets frustrated, because let's admit it - it can be quite hard!

Dudolf has gone viral several times because of its cartoony illustrations! Here's one of his famous work, adorable squirrels with only one mouse hidden. Will you be able to find it? 

Here's the picture! 

Gergely Dudás - Dudolf


Before scrolling down to the solution, spend a little more time trying to find it! That's the fun of it! Spend a few minutes thinking about nothing else than a little mouse and forget all the problems you might be having right now. 

If you really can't find it, try looking in the top-right corner! 


You really can't find it? Ok, here's the solution! 

Gergely Dudás - Dudolf

Were you able to find the mouse? How quickly did you find it? 

Source: Tip Hero · Photo Credit: Gergely Dudás

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