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Chase away ants from your house once and for all and without insecticide!

Chase away ants from your house once and for all and without insecticide!
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Have you tried several tricks to eliminate the ants from your home and nothing has worked so far? Not even the small traps that we buy in stores, expressly against ants? Products to spread in the house and outside the house, nothing works! Are you still stuck with ants in the house?

Rather turn to natural solutions. You will even save money!

Here are 6 new tips to get rid of it for the rest of the summer!

However, be careful if you have young children and pets.

1. Corn starch:

Cornstarch impairs ants' digestion. Sensing the danger, they will never return. Spread where the ants bother you the most!

2. Baking soda and powdered sugar:

A mixture that will slowly kill ants. They're attracted to these ingredients, so it's a perfect trap. Mix them in equal parts and place the mixture in the places where you have the most ants.

3. Apple cider vinegar:

Mix equal parts of apple vinegar with warm water to clean the kitchen. in addition to being an effective cleaner, it will keep ants away.

4. Lemon:

Ideally, pure lemon juice is even more effective, but you could also dilute it with water. Spray the lemon juice on the edge of windows and entry doors. In addition to hunting ants it will give off a good scent.

5. Herbs and spices:

Bay leaves, ground pepper, mint, cinnamon powder, chili powder, cloves and cayenne are all products that will stop ants. Entering the house for these little critters will become a challenge!

6. Cornflakes cereals:

It is enough to spread these cereals in the places most affected by the ants, the sugar of the cereals attracts them and a chemical reaction is caused by these cereals which makes the ants swell considerably.

7. Sugar and Borax:

Ants love sugar but don't like baxax. You will find baxax in a product for bleaching laundry called Borax that can be found in large chain stores such as Walmart.


1) Add 125 ml (1/2 cup) of sugar and 1.5 tsp. Borax in an empty jar

2) Add 2 cups of boiling water and mix until the mixture dissolves
3) Soak cotton balls in this solution
4) Then place these balls in strategic places
5) In less than 24 hours they will be gone!

8. Cayenne pepper:

Super simple and very economical, but how effective!


1) Boil a large pot of water and add a lot of cayenne pepper.

2) With oven mittens go outside and pour the spicy boiling water over the cracks in the sidewalk and wherever you see ants.


Source: Jon Lieff MD · Photo Credit: Youtube

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