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Cinnamon isn't only for the kitchen. Here are 6 good reasons to use it in your garden!

Cinnamon isn't only for the kitchen. Here are 6 good reasons to use it in your garden!
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Cinnamon has an fantastic and strong scent ! It is perfect for baking and cooking delicious meals  ! But did you know that its origins date back to 2700 Before Christ ? This is a popular spice all over the world for uses in cooking and medicine.

It is apparently a very valuable commercial product ! Fortunately, we find cinnamon stick or ground cinnamon at reasonable prices. And you might want to stockpile the cinnamon when you see everything it can do in your garden.

Here are 6 gardening tips with cinnamon :

Keep ants away :

Cinnamon will drive ants out of your garden because it smothers them when inhaled. The smell can also make it difficult for ants to find food, they do not smell anything else, they will find another place to live! In addition, this natural ingredient is not toxic for children and pets! win win !


Get rid of fungus :

Sprinkle ground cinnamon on the ground if fungus grow in your shoots. Cinnamon targets surface-level fungi. You can also use ground cinnamon to kill wild mushrooms growing in the garden.


Protect seedlings from disease :

Protect your plants thanks to the antifungal properties of ground cinnamon, it is an excellent way to protect seedlings from rot and disease. Avoiding excess moisture is the key.


Graft plants :

You can make your roses or other plants even more sturdier after cutting and replanting by first dipping them into the cinnamon powder. Which works a lot like a rooting hormone. Cinnamon kills possible infections, so your flower can grow better.


Healing sick plants :

Sprinkle cinnamon on a plant wound (a cut, or a hole caused by an insect bite, or other) to speed up the healing process and protect it from further damage or from the disease.


Keep mosquitoes away from the garden :

Mosquitoes and other insects can damage your garden. Sprinkle some ground cinnamon around the plants to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away. Insects do not like the strong smell of cinnamon, especially ground cinnamon.

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