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Court has ruled that Subway Sandwiches have too much sugar to be considered “bread”!

Court has ruled that Subway Sandwiches have too much sugar to be considered “bread”!
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If you are getting Subway for lunch (or dinner) and thinking you are making a healthy choice. We might have some bad news for you. It appears that the sandwich bread can't be considered "bread" anymore. 

The Supreme Court of Ireland recently ruled that all six varieties of bread the restaurant are offering are actually too sugary to legally be called "bread" at all. The argument started when a Subway franchisee wanted to have their sandwiches considered a staple food for tax reasons and therefore should not be taxed.

The law states that bread can only be considered a “staple product” if it “shall not exceed 2% of the weight of flour included in the dough”. However, the bread from Subway restaurants have 5 times more than the law - a 10% ratio!

Sorry if you were trying to make a healthy choice by getting a Subway sub! It is actually quite bad news for people watching their sugar intake. But you shouldn't be that surprised, because it isn't the first time Subway's bread is in the middle of a controversy. In 2014, they were hit by a petition to remove an ingredient called azodicarbonamide  which is a whitening agent that is also found in yoga mats, shoe soles and leather - yikes! Thankfully, they are in the process of removing this ingredient!

For now, in North America the "rolls" are still considered bread but that doesn't mean that they are any healthier! Maybe it is time to pack your own lunch.

Are you surprised by this news? 

Source: Totally The Bomb · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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