Tips and Tricks : Decoration ideas: 16 shelves made from unusual objects!
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Decoration ideas: 16 shelves made from unusual objects!

It's always a good idea to pick up old objects instead of throwing them away

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There is still a lack of shelves in a house. Whether for trinkets, books, food or beauty accessories, we would always need more!

But the problem can easily be solved. Because just about anything can be used as shelves. As recycling is, fortunately for the planet, trendy, you can reuse items that clutter your garage or those that the neighbor has put on the street!

To inspire you, here are 16 very original, pretty and practical ideas!

1. A skateboard shelf

A hanging shelf made with a skateboard will please all fans of this street sport!

source: Guide Astuces

2. A vintage suitcase

Here is a great way to declutter your attic! Add legs or hang it to the wall, it will be very beautiful.


3. A piano shelf

This shelf made from an old piano is simply amazing. You can put your beautiful books !


4. Baskets on wall

These beautiful baskets are ideal in a bathroom, to store towels and toiletries.


5. A corner shelf door

It's quite simple to repurpose an old door after your renovations!


6. A cut chair

In the bathroom or in the kitchen, this shelf/rack will be just perfect and very original!


7. A guitar shelf

Repurpose this old damaged guitar and hang it on your wall !


8. A crutch shelf

Transform the crutches and make a shelf.


9. A ladder shelf

In the workshop, the garage, the living room or even the terrace, this reinvented ladder will be beautiful and practical!


10. Shelves made of wooden crates

Old wooden crates will bring a country-style to the room.


11. A wooden pallet on the wall

You can always repurpose wooden pallet! Easy, fast, pretty!


12. Old drawers

It's so easy to reuse the drawers of an unused chest of drawers! And the effect is fantastic!


13. Shelves with an antique fridge

That will not go unnoticed!


14. Cardboard packaging

These pretty cubes are actually cardboard packaging!


15. A shelf with concrete blocks

Do you want to add a shelf to a piece of furniture ? Place a board on two concrete blocks painted in the color of your choice and voila!


16. A shelf made from old wooden shutters

As practical for gardening as for a bookcase!


After seeing these pictures, you surely have a hundred ideas to rearrange your home from the bathroom to your home office! Go into your garage, or to flea markets and have fun! Your guests will be amazed by your ingenuity!

In our time of overconsumption, it's always a good idea to recycle everything we can, don't you think?

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Source: Guide Astuces
Photo Credit: Pixabay