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Defrost your windshield instantly with a simple plastic bag.

Defrost your windshield instantly with a simple plastic bag.
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If you live in a place with harsh winters, you probably know that with the low temperatures, frost is all over the car windshield. In the morning, you have to waste a lot of time trying to scrape the windows only to get to work! 

But you should know that there is no need to buy a de-icing product filled with chemicals and that can be expensive. There is a simple and effective trick to instantly remove frost from the windshield without spending a dollar. Simply use a plastic bag filled with hot water and run it over the windshield! 

Easy as 1,2,3!

Here's the proof in this video. 

To avoid having to defrost your car in the morning, there are some simple things that you can do. 

  •  Place a piece of cardboard or even newspaper on the windshield. You can put them under the wipers. If it is stuck on the glass the next day, turn on the car's heating on to make them easily come off. 
  •  Put plastic bags around the mirrors to prevent frost from sticking on them. 
  •  Put old socks in your windshield wipers to protect them from frost. 

What not to do 

  • Never pour hot water directly on the windshield of the car, the thermal shock might crack or even shatter the glass may crack or even shatter. Don't use the wipers to remove the remaining frost from the windshield, as this tires the motor.  Use a simple brush to remove snow and ice. 
  • Remember, if you leave the engine running when removing the frost you will most likely inhale exhaust gas! If you can, try to not turn the car on.

Do you have snow where you live? What is your favourite thing about winter?

Source: Comment-Economiser · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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