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Did you know that the different colors of hearts Emojis have different meanings?

Did you know that the different colors of hearts Emojis have different meanings?
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These days, it's hard to go a day without using something that we didn't know about even a decade ago: Emojis. Among the range of the small smileys out there, there are hearts. They are not available in several colors, although red is the most often used.

Maybe, just to change it up a bit, you select different colors of little hearts when replying to a message or creating a social media post. After all, all of these colors are pretty!

But did you know that your choice of heart color has a significance?

To help you communicate, here's a little guide on Hearts Emojis!

Red heart:

The great classic! The most traditional choice. But it can also mean romance. It is therefore "safe" to use, unless you are just starting a relationship with someone. So that could imply a deep feeling already in place. Avoid if you don't want to deepen the relationship!

Otherwise, the red heart is pretty generic.

Orange heart:

This heart is rarely used, except by people who are afraid to send a red and romantic heart. In general, it is the men who choose to send it...

Yellow heart:

This heart is used to express a love that is more friendly than romantic. It’s the ideal color for family and friends, but not for someone you are in a romantic relationship with or who you would like to have a romantic relationship with.

Green heart:

There is nothing ecological about this heart. However, it is often used by people who do a lot of volunteering!

Blue heart:

This heart is often used in "acquaintance" friendships that are more superficial than deep. It is usually not sent to best friends.

Purple heart:

The purple heart has two completely different meanings. One represents the "purple heart" that soldiers can receive as a reward. The other refers to a “booty call” (a message aimed at getting intercourse in late hours). Use this heart with caution!

White heart:

This heart is fairly new and can be used to express sympathy after the loss of a loved one, but it should never be used to talk about white privileges or Black Lives Matters issues!

Black heart:

This heart represents an even stronger love than the red heart would represent. We are talking about “soul mate” love here. Not to be used with a new "crush".

Brown heart:

The brown heart emoji is the chocolate-covered heart! It should also be reserved for Black and brown people. Do not use to express solidarity with BLM - simply use the red heart. 

Did you know all of these meanings? What do you think? Which one is your favourite?

Source: TipHero · Photo Credit: emojipedia

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