Tips and Tricks : Did you know that vodka could solve these very common problems?
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Did you know that vodka could solve these very common problems?

It's crazy all you can do with vodka!

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The vodka is surprising!

We have always heard and we will always hear stories about vodka, very appreciated by men and women who love this drink for parties.

But vodka can also be very useful in many other ways!

I share with you 15 common problems that vodka can solve!

You'll be surprised because some uses are surprising!

Good reading!

Homemade mouthwash

Mix a cup of cheap vodka with 9 tablespoons of cinnamon to make an inexpensive mouthwash, only for adults.

Deodorize your feet and shoes

If your feet smell bad; spray vodka to clean your feet! Pour some vodka into a spray bottle with water and use it to spray your smelling shoes. You can also pour some in a foot bath.

Clean your towels

If you have towels that smell really bad, you can add 1/3 cup of vodka in your wash cycle with detergent to get rid of bad odors. Once the washer fills up, stop it so the towels can soak for one hour before resuming the cycle.

Jellyfish stings

Disinfect, heal and soothe your jellyfish sting by pouring vodka on it.

Clean your windows

Mix one cup of vodka, 1/4 cup of vinegar, and 1/2 teaspoon of liquid soap in a spray bottle to have the best window spray!

Kill the weeds

Mix vodka, water and dish soap in a spray bottle and spray directly on the weeds to kill them.

Get rid of sticker residue

Rub the residue with vodka to remove a sticker or a price tag.

Extend the life of cut flowers

Add vodka to the water in your vase of flowers to kill the bacteria and extend the life of your flowers.

Creamy ice cream

If you make homemade ice cream, you must make sure that you add a tablespoon of vodka so that your ice cream does not harden too quickly or freeze too much.

For shiny and smooth hair

Pour an ounce of vodka into your bottle of shampoo to make your hair shine and combat frizz. Vodka will remove the pH build-up.

Relieve poison Ivy

Did you have the misfortune to touch a poison ivy? Pour vodka on it before the skin irritation begins to spread!

Clean jewelry

Soak your rings in vodka for five minutes to get them super clean!

A diffuser

Add 1/4 cup of vodka to your oil diffuser to stimulate your scent and make it last longer.

Make orange, vanilla, mint, lemon extracts

Does you need extract for your recipe? Why not make your own extract? If you do, you will need vodka because it is one of the main ingredients.

Fried chicken

Get a fried chicken skin super crispy by adding vodka to the batter to slow down the evaporation process and make a delicious and crispy crust!

What do you think of these uses? Surprising, right?

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