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Did you know that your old Tupperware dishes might be worth a small fortune?

Did you know that your old Tupperware dishes might be worth a small fortune?
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You probably don't know this amazing statistic:

About every two seconds, a “Tupperware party” takes place somewhere in the world!

Really amazing when you think that in the beginning Tupperware was a huge flop!

Before adding the lids and his famous patented seal later in 1946, Mr. Tupper experimented for years with polyethylene injection molding while working for a company that produced plastic parts during the Second World War.

Despite the invention of the patented "air-tight seal" which operated under vacuum to create an airtight seal, Tupper had a lot of trouble marketing his unique and original products... until he met Brownie Wise.

Upon leaving his job to sell brooms, Wise started selling Tupperware products, eventually becoming a distributor and, later, the vice president of Tupperware. His secret selling technique? The famous Tupperware parties!

Once the women started to organize Tupperware parties, the business started to flourish and we know what followed: a phenomenal success!

But what were the classic products of those early years? Here are eight of their most iconic products and their current value. If you have your grandmother's old Tupperware in a box, go check it out! You could make a profit!

1. The Wonderly bowls - 1946

One of their most iconic products from the company, the original Wonderful bowls have been sold in many fun colors, ranging from fluorescent pink and yellow to olive green and red. They were all sealable and nested and were the modern star product to maximize the freshness of their food. Unused vintage sets of Wonderly bowls can be worth $45 to $60 today.


2. Bell Tumbler glasses - 1946

Launched at the same time as the Wonderlier line, the Tupperware Bell Tumbler line offered very resistant glasses from a mold that was used for war.


3. Millionaire Collections salt and pepper shakers - 1960

In the Millionaire collection, which was intended for "those who want to climb the social ladder", we found this support with salt and pepper shakers which has become a great classic. If you find a model even slightly used, but which still has its lettering, you could sell it for $45.


4. Carousel Caddy - 1961

To transport Bell Tumblers glasses, Tupperware created this caddy. A Tupperware caddy-carousel with all the cups is valued at $50 now, so keep your eyes open!


5. Astro bowls - 1972

Introduced in the 1960s, the Servalier range was offered in all kinds of fun colors and featured an "instant" seal that required just one finger to obtain the famous hermetic seal from Tupperware. Today, a vintage set of four astro bowls sells for $15 to $20.


6. The Cake Taker - 1970

The Cake Taker was a transportable cake bell which was very successful. The one from the 1970s is worth $ 20-25 today and is still just as practical!


7. The condiment caddy - 1970

The Tupperware Condiment Basket was introduced in the 1950s, but was still extremely popular in the 1970s. A vintage shopping cart with the lids and spoons in good condition can sell for $12 to $15. Dressing bottles, meanwhile, are a bargain at $10, given their freshness seal!


8. The FlatOut!

The Tupperware line was a big hit, because each product in the range flattens to take up less space in the kitchen for storage. Older products have more vibrant and fun colors to collect. A vintage set of 4 pieces is worth $ 25. A reasonable price.


Do you still have any of these products at home?

Source: 12tomatoes · Photo Credit: 12tomatoes

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