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Did your phone fell into the water? Before putting it in the rice, try this tip.

Did your phone fell into the water? Before putting it in the rice, try this tip.
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If you have a smart phone, you've probably felt your heart stop after your precious device fell into a pool, a sink, a puddle in the street or even ...dropped it into the toilet !

And you have probably been advised to put your phone in a bowl or bag of rice to help bring it back to life.

This method works, but it may not be the best.

The tech site Gazelle has tested 7 methods to revive a water-damaged phone. According to this team, the best way to bring your phone back to life is to use silica gel, ( the bags you find in shoe boxes and many other products ), which is available in crystal-style cat litter ( Do not use regular cat litter, because it’s too dusty).


Here's what to do if your phone is suffering from water damage :

1. Remove the device from the water and turn it off as soon as possible

2. Try to remove as much water as possible by shaking, blowing or wiping.

3. Surround the phone with silica gel.

Once you have removed as much water as possible, place it in a bowl filled with silica gel or crystal cat litter, using at least four cups and keeping it in a container that’s at least 1-2 quarts ( large mixing bowl, for example).

NOTE: According to Gazelle, if you do not have crystal cat litter, use dry instant rice.

Regular dry rice (the one you need to cook for over 40 minutes) is less absorbent than instant rice, so take out this minute rice if you have it at home.


4. Wait 2-3 days before turning the phone back on.

This is the hardest step, if not the most cruel! But remember, you have to be patient to get the things that are important to you! Letting your phone dry long enough will often be the most effective thing.

The Gazelle team also tested: regular cat litter, pearl couscous, classic rolled oatmeal, instant oatmeal, classic dry rice and instant rice. But it's really the crystal cat litter and instant rice that work best.

If you don't want your phone to be damaged by water, you should buy a waterproof phone case!

Source: · Photo Credit: Pixabay

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