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Discover 22 DIY projects for your courtyard and your balcony

Discover 22 DIY projects for your courtyard and your balcony
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We all love to spend a lot of time in our garden, in spring and summer to enjoy the weather with family or friends!

But it's even better if we like the decor of our garden isn't it?

In this article, you will discover 22 beautiful cheap DIY projects to make a dream garden !

Add some color!

Illuminate your fence by drilling holes with a drill and inserting pebbles or glass beads! The sun will make them shine !!

Source: Country Living

A relaxing bench!

A loveseat gives a very cozy look to a garden! You could make one with wooden pallets!

Or like this

Made of wooden pallets

Source: Funky Junk Interiors

More natural!

To add more nature into their garden in town, they added an artificial plant and artificial grass carpet on a floor covered with bricks! An interesting trick when you can't change as you want, because you're a tenant.

Source: Liz Marie

A planter!

A wooden pallet painted !! They simply added yellow flowers to contrast the gray color of the wooden pallet!

Source: At Home With Kelsey

A relaxation area!

Who does not dream of a small reading nook or a space to take a nap in the shade! A hammock is not very expensive! Do you want one? Treat yourself!

Source: Bob Vila

A space for children!

Think of a space for the kids! It's easy to paint patio stones! Make a beautiful hopscotch!

> Source: Happiness is Homemade

It is magic!

Do you have Christmas lights ? They will be perfect for hot summer evenings!

Source: Pinterest

An impressive effect!

With a large mirror on the fence, a corner of your garden will look twice its size! A beautiful tip!

Source: Garden Lovers Club

Add some color ...

To add some color to your garden, a super simple way to do it, is to paint the wooden table all in white, then add planks of different colors for an explosion of pastel colors!

Source: Little Miss Momma

Lightning bugs!

Reuse tin cans, and freeze water inside. Once the water is frozen, use a drill to make beautiful patterns in the cans. The ice will help that the box does not sag under the weight of the drill. At night, add tealights in the cans. You just need to make handles with wire! Isn't it beautiful?

Source: Grow Creative

A tire to make a planter!

Paint a tire with Krylon paint and drill it, then add some soil and you can plant beautiful flowers to decorate a wall adjacent to your garden!

Source: DIY Show Off

A fountain !

Collect accessories of your choice to make a beautiful fountain! You will only have to buy a pump system !

Source: Sophisticated Junkie

An interesting trick for stumps that you can't remove !

Have you ever thought about making a table with a stump that you are not able to remove?

Source: Home Depot

Macrame !!

Like in the 70s! Add color to your garden by upcycling old chairs! Give them a second life by showing off your macrame skills!

> Source: A Beautiful Mess

An original decoration !

A wonderful way to hang flower pots! ! These frames will give a whole new dimension to your decor! They used wall hooks for flower pots.

Source: Country Living

A shed for gardening tools

Made of upcycled doors and windows, this little shed is so much more chic than commercial sheds! It's almost romantic !

Source: A Cultivated Nest

Colorful planters!

Collect colanders of all colors! They will make excellent planters !!

Source: Country Living

Paint the paving slabs!

With a stencil, you can easily paint the paving slabs to give your garden an incredible look! Use the Krylon paint!

Source: Country Living

Personalize your accessories!

This kind of coolers are very trendy ! Personalize yours ! Paint it and decorate it with beer caps !

Source: Bird and Soap

Choose your flowers !!

Not only Honeysuckle has the perfect flowers to decorate your garden, but your garden will smell very good ! ! !

Source: Country Living

Dare the color!

Leave the white, the beige and the brown aside !! Dare the color !! See how green and purple add life to the garden !!!

Source: Decorazilla

Be creative !!

Upcycle a shoe organizer to grow the herbs! In addition to being practical, see how pretty it is!

Source: Good Housekeeping

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