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Discover these original ideas you can do with a magazine rack.

Discover these original ideas you can do with a magazine rack.
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Original ideas!

Do you like smart storage? Do you like to repurpose an object to make it useful and use it differently?

What do you think of magazine racks? We immediately think that they are only used for office stuff but, looking at the next pictures, you will discover that they can be used everywhere in the house!

Feel free to take a look at the next ideas that are really very original and practical!

Good reading!

First idea

Admit that we don't often know where to store our hair dryer because it really takes up a lot of space under the sink in the bathroom! By using a magazine rack, you free up space in your vanity unit!

Second idea

Yes, a magazine rack can also be used in an office, why not? I like this storage system.

Third idea

Are you always looking for your plastic lids? Here is the solution!

Fourth idea

A magazine rack can be very effective for storing canned vegetables and other canned food. You can save up a lot of space with this idea.

Fifth idea

This thing is fantastic! It allows storing paper and other stuff under the printer! Awesome!

Sixth idea

This storage space is perfect for all kinds of rolls! Once again, you can save storage space that can be used for other objects.

Seventh idea

Why not store our flat irons and curling irons in a magazine rack? I really love this idea that simplifies storage.

Eighth idea

The magazine rack can also be used to store our cutting boards!

Ninth idea

This example requires more DIY skills but the result is fantastic! These magazine racks are now a table with storage! Wow!

Tenth idea

And why not use a magazine rack in the freezer? You will be able to place all your pizzas and other foods! See how well organized the freezer is, on the right photo!

Eleventh idea

Store your toilet paper rolls this way!

Twelfth idea

If you paint a magazine rack and you install it in a corner of a room, it becomes a shelf!

Thirteenth idea

Store all your wrapping paper, bags, ribbons and other items of this kind with this smart storage!

Fourteenth idea

You had to think about it! What do you think about this storage for flip-flop? Clever, isn't it?

Fifteenth idea

I like this idea! Finally a place to store our potatoes and onions without them falling everywhere!

So? How do you find these storage ideas? I will personally go buy some magazine racks to change things in my house! I hope that you liked the ideas.

Source: Des idees · Photo Credit: Des idees

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