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Discover what 2021 has in store for you according to your astrological sign!

Discover what 2021 has in store for you according to your astrological sign!
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Finally the year 2020 is coming to an end! It wasn't the best year for most people are many are looking forward to the New Year. If you are curious to see what 2021 has in store for you, simply read the prediction below based on your sign! 

Aries  (March 21-April 19)

Well done, fierce Aries, you made it and you are even stronger than ever despite this crazy year we all had. You have proven to be resilient and very persistent. However, you must remember that it is important to listen to your body and give it the rest it needs. In the next year, you will likely be busy at work, which will bring a lot of stress if you don't take care of yourself and your mental health. Finally, the year 2021 will offer you many opportunities to make life-changing decisions. Friendships and romantic relationships will be especially important during the first half of the year, when you will have the chance to meet new interesting people!

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

2021 will bring a multitude of new professional projects thanks to Mars in Libra, which will really bless your work life. Expect a full schedule until roughly the beginning of summer. However, when life starts to move fast - as it probably will - it's important to make time for yourself, both physically and mentally. As you might have already guessed, your love life will not be in the foreground this year as your mind will be monopolized by your career goals. But we have good news for Taurus in a relationship: a new member could be added to your little family ... And if you are only at the beginning of a new relationship, it might be the ONE person you were waiting for!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

As the New Year arrives, you will feel relieved that 2020 is behind you. You will be happy to have someone by your side to celebrate the simple pleasures in life. If you are single, do not worry you'll have chances to meet people and maybe even someone who will light a spark in you. The planet associated with finance is in Capricorn at the start of the year, which makes you a prime candidate for making informed decisions in this area. Don't waste this opportunity, which will only last a few months! In addition, the universe will bless your professional life with new challenges towards the end of the year. 

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

The new year will bring its share of new opportunities that will directly influence your daily life.  When it comes to relationships, you will have get even closer to the people around you. Invest your time in the relationships that give you joy, and let go of those that drain your energy. On the other hand, your professional life will be more fulfilling and will allow you to stand out and even be rewarded for your hard work. 

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Changes are on the horizon; your desire to stay grounded and balanced will help you make the most of the situation. On a relationship level, communication will be the key to formalizing a love affair or even getting pregnant. At work, you are determined to prove your worth, which will be possible if you learn to delegate. Certain times will be good for saving "like a real adult" and other times will be good for letting go. For 2021: don't hesitate to mix business with pleasure!

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

The New Year you will have to rethink a lot of things: from the relationship with your partner to your exercise routine, everything will go through the adjustment department. But don't worry! You will be fine at the end, but you must listen to your needs and wants. Besides, just because you have shared the life of the same person for years, it does not mean that they must accompany you in the next chapter of your story. And same goes for your friendships. On the work side, it will be a busy year for you but make sure to take care of your mind. 

Libra (September 23-October 22)

Even if you are presented with enticing opportunities, take a deep breath before emptying your bank account or making a life changing decision. The key to your success in 2021 is to go with the flow and make the most of your existing relationships. You will find that the people around you play an important role in your overall success and personal well-being. On the career side, don't expect anything less than a Lewis Hamilton pace. Business will be booming, but that doesn't mean you have to spend all your money! 

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

As you are quite secretive by nature, you will remain discreet about all of your successes and the development of your love life in 2021. Overall, things will be going pretty well for you, which is why you shouldn't worry about drawing attention to your situation. Professionally, 2021 will bring its share of opportunities ... and financial success! You might also feel your love life take off - finally! Whether you are single or in a relationship, things will move in the right direction. 

Sagittarius  (November 22-December 21)

2021 has a lot of positives in store for you, even though the world is still adjusting to its new reality! You will go through 2021 making some new friends and perhaps even a new romantic partner! You have finally found a good balance, that will encourage meeting people who deserve your attention and your dedication. Remember: relationships are first and foremost about communication and compromise so don't hesitate to talk about your feelings! The same goes for your professional commitments. Remember that two heads are always better than one - even if yours is worth at least two.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

On a personal level, you will notice that the looks of potential romantic partners are increasing. By the end of February 2021, you should therefore take advantage of Venus, which will offer you the chance to meet new people. Pluto enters the sign of Capricorn where it will remain for several years. It arrival will create many opportunities; it would be wise to use your judgment before entering them. This New Year will therefore bring you a lot of new things.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

As 2021 arrives, you will feel the intensity of many important planets in your sign. These will push you to let go of any bitterness. It is finally time to leave those frustrations behind! It will not be easy, of course, some hard work is needed of your part. But if you’re a team player and ready to express your true feelings, you’ll grow tremendously this year. When it comes to work, you will certainly have better luck teaming up with other members of the team. So keep in mind that it is in your best interest to make friends rather than enemies in the office. If you are single, try to meet new people. You might want to start to build something meaningful this year! If there's a zodiac sign that knows how to stay calm when things go wrong, it's you. 

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

2021 has more sweetness in your professional and romantic life. Things will be going smoothly in your work routine. You will feel more creative thanks to a new team of collaborators. Regarding your love life, Venus is dancing in your sign from February 25. Take advantage of it by saying yes to your friends, family ... and why not new people?! Speaking of family, Neptune in Pisces will affect your interactions with your clan, causing some internal dilemmas. Unfortunately, Neptune will be with you all year round. Solving these issues will therefore be one of your priorities, in order to have a peaceful year. You know very well that it is best to take the bull by the horns and handle these situations with the hope of the best possible outcome. 

Are you excited for the New Year? How was your 2020? 

Source: Clin d'Oeil · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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