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DIY: 10 genius things to do with old Nutella jars!

DIY: 10 genius things to do with old Nutella jars!
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You probably eat it for breakfast on a slice of fresh bread or take a spoonful around midnight to satisfy your sweet tooth. But like most of people eating Nutella  you keep the jar of this delicious spread in your cupboard and once it is empty, you throw it away (or recycle it preferably!) But these jars can actually be quite and the following photos are the proof:

1. Giant Lego heads to help the kids keep their room tidy. 

2. A "spice rack" perfect for storing nuts, seeds, sugar, etc.

3. A pencil holder: no more excuse to lose them everywhere in the house!

4. Picture frame: use the cover by adding a magnet on the back or adhesive to hold it.

5. Party glasses: easy to make and super trendy.

6. A liquid soap dispenser: you only need a pump!

7. A beautiful pot for your plants. 

8. Nutellarium: fill the jar with potting soil and a small plant to create a "Nutellarium"!

9. A creative vase for flowers.

10. Probably the best one, Nutella chocolate milk straight from the jar! Look at the video below to learn how.

Do you have any empty jars sitting at home? If not, it might be a good reason to pick up a new jar at the grocery store! 

Source: L'Astucerie · Photo Credit: L'Astucerie

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