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DIY: How to make your own fragrance diffuser in only 2 minutes!

DIY: How to make your own fragrance diffuser in only 2 minutes!
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Do you like your home to smell good all the time, despite the smells of cooking, animals and the messy kids? Of course, there are plenty of products on the market to help you out. Like diffusers that plug into an electrical outlet or candles, to name only a few. However, some contain chemicals and most are quite expensive.

The good news is that you can easily make a 100% natural fragrance diffuser yourself! So your room will smell wonderfully good with very little effort!

It’s really quick to do! Here's how. 


  • A diffuser bottle or a small vase with a narrow opening
  • Rattan rods
  • Essential oils
  • Sweet almond oil or baby oil
  • Safflower oil or vodka
source: Pinterest


1. In a small bowl, combine all the liquid ingredients. 

Note: If you are using a carrier oil, make a mixture of 10% essential oil and 90% base oil.

If using vodka, mix 60 ml of water and 12 drops of essential oil. Add a few drops of vodka to bind the essential oils to the water.

2. Pour the mixture into the vase or small container.

3. Place the bamboo sticks inside the vase.

4. Wait about 1 hour for the sticks to soak up the fragrance.

5. Turn the sticks over so that the oiled part is facing up.

Your diffuser is now ready to perfume your home!

source: Pinterest

The scent will release for several weeks! You will make great savings with your DIY diffuser! The diffusion by capillary action will ensure that the rattan rods will naturally diffuse your favorite scent. Lavender, eucalyptus, vanilla, lemon… The choice is yours!

When the scent wears off, after a week or so, flip the sticks for another week of effectiveness!

Source: Commenté · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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