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DIY Idea: Small Crochet Cat Couches!

DIY Idea: Small Crochet Cat Couches!
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Crocheting became really popular in the last few months. Maybe because some people have much more time on their hands staying at home because of the pandemic or simply they finally discover how truly amazing crocheting is?

If you are looking for a new idea and have pets at home - we have the perfect idea!

You can crochet a small couch for your cat(s)! How adorable!


The trend first started on the website Reddit (r/crochet) where people shared their own creations. 

Reddit | thisbusisempty

These tiny couches look so comfortable because they are shaped with thick foam and filled with polyester. Nothing but the best for kitty! 

Reddit | Chaldene93

Let's be honest, these crocheted couches are so much better than the regular cat beds! How lovely is this shade of green. 

Reddit | StitcherUniverse

You can make the bed as big or as small as you need, all depending on your pet's size. It could work for a small dog too!


These cats really seem to be enjoying their new couch! They look so comfortable!

Reddit | poopoopmagoo

And, of course do not forget the pillows! For added comfort! ;-)

Instagram | @dan.ger.crane

What do you think of this idea? We believe that our cats surely deserve it!

Reddit | katie22914

Do you know how to crochet? What is your hobby? 

Source: Crafty · Photo Credit: Reddit | katie22914

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