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Do not throw away your detergent bottles, reuse them

Do not throw away your detergent bottles, reuse them
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Rather than rinsing and putting these large and beautiful detergent bottles made of rigid plastic directly into the recycling bin, reuse them to do something else.

It is true, they are so resistant, it would be real waste to not take advantage of it!

Well you'll see by looking at this gallery, that's true! We can do a lot of awesome stuff with these bottles!


Watering can

By heating a needle you can easily pierce the cap of the lid, the plastic will melt with the heat of the needle. Then use an X-Acto knife to make a small hole on the top of the bottle. So the water will flow easily through the small holes and you will have a nice watering can for your flowers without spending money!

To have fun

Cut the bottom of detergent bottles. The bottles will make perfect shovels to play in the sandbox or at the beach! Kids love to play with these big home-made shovels!

Decorate the garden

Keep the top of white plastic bottle and cut the bottle in the shape of flower petals. You can make magnificent lampshades for LED bulbs and illuminate your terrace on hot summer days!

Painting and opaque watercolour!

These bottles make perfect containers for storing paint and opaque watercolour!

Bubble Charging Station

Do you make bubbles soap by yourself? It is the ideal container to make it a charging station!

A bird feeder

Pinterest/Niki Delemont

You can paint the plastic with Krylon, it's fantastic and lasts through our 4 seasons in Quebec without problems. Drill a small hole and stick a wooden piece or a chopstick to create a beautiful bird feeder!

Gift wrapping

The boxes of detergent in cardboard have a nice size to make bags gifts. Cover them with beautiful colored wrapping papers, as if you were wrapping a gift and adding nice ribbons. In addition, your gift bags will smell good!

Bottles of bleach

Even bottles of bleach can be recovered! Are you afraid because of the bleach, even if you have rinsed you have already discolored many clothes with bleach? Well do not use them for anything! But to hold the toilet brush for example, it is PERFECT!

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