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Do you agree that McDonald's Coke simply taste better?

Do you agree that McDonald's Coke simply taste better?
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Everybody has at least once in their life tasted food and drinks from the "Golden Arch" also known as McDonald's. Have you noticed a difference in the taste of their soft drinks, especially Coca-Cola?

Is the soda really that special at McDonald's? Well, it appears that you aren't crazy and it is really "better" than all other places! The company uses different storage tactics and special drink-mixing to make their sodas really stand out. 

Here are 4 reasons why it's truly better. 

1. They Use Stainless Steel Storage Tanks 

Most of the other fast-food restaurants have their Coca-Cola syrup delivered in regular plastic bags,  McDonald’s Coca-Cola syrup is actually stored in tanks that are stainless steel and no one else does that! It might be due to the long and very unique relationship between McDonald's and Coca-Cola. 

2. They Have a Water Filtration System

McDonald's has nearly 40,000 restaurants around the world and if you were to taste a Coke, they would all taste the same! Why? They are using a special water filtration in which they filter the water many times to ensure quality and consistent flavour. So matter how the water quality is at first, it will be the same at the end of the filtration process.

3. They Did Their Math

The Golden Arch as a syrup-to-water ratio to account for ice melt that make sure the drink taste amazing and refreshing at every sip! They also pre-chill the Coke syrup and the water so the drinks are really refreshing. If you like to order your drinks without ice, they might actually taste worst as they are meant to have ice in it according to all the calculations! 

4. They Have Special Straws

Ever noticed a size different in the straw between McDonald's and other chains? McDonald's ones are wider: “It’s slightly wider than a typical straw so all that Coke® taste can hit your taste buds,” McDonald’s says on their website.

It seems like everything was really thought of and designed to make drinks better and more addicting! But the real question is, do you agree that McDonald's Coke taste better? 

Source: Better Homes & Garden · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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