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Do you have a hole in your window screen? Here is the perfect solution to fix it easily!

Do you have a hole in your window screen? Here is the perfect solution to fix it easily!
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Repair your window screen

Is it nice enough where you live to open the windows and enjoy fresh air ?

There is nothing like fresh air flowing through the house after a long winter. But when you open windows, bugs come in. Take the time to fix your window screen to prevent small critters from entering your home. Fortunately, the process does not take too much time.

We are talking here about a small hole to repair. You will see that this simple tip is very effective for small holes.

Good luck !

Clear nail polish

By using nail polish, you can easily fix small holes in your window screens and pesky bugs will have to work a lot harder to get into your house.

The technique works best on damaged areas that are 1/8 inch or smaller in diameter. Once applied, the nail polish acts as an adhesive to seal the damaged area, plugging up holes and preventing them from getting any larger. Use clear polish and you won't even notice the repair job.

How to do:

Repairing a hole in a window screen is really easy!

Clean and dry the area as best you can before you start. This step will save you from having to start the job again. Use a small brush to dab or paint the clear nail polish on the hole, making sure to cover the area entirely.

Don't double-dip if you don't want to get dirt or pollen in your bottle of nail polish. To avoid any problem, buy a cheap bottle of nail polish that will only used to repair small holes in window screens.

Let dry this first coat using a hair dryer to accelerate the drying process if necessary, it can help you. Then coat to the damaged area with a second coat of nail polish once the first coat is completely dry.

Simple but effective !

This good old nail polish is not only good for repairing holes in nylon stockings, it also helps us repair our window screens ! I hope this tip will help you to repair the small holes in your window screens !

Source: Appartement Therapy · Photo Credit: Appartement Therapy

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