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Do you have white small pimples around the eyes? You should not try to remove them!

Do you have white small pimples around the eyes? You should not try to remove them!
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Many people frequently see small white small pimples appearing on their face, especially around their eyes. Sometimes these pimples are confused with blackheads, but they are very different and therefore need to be treated differently.

See what are these white pimples exactly and why you shouldn't try to remove them yourself? 

What are they?

The name of these pimples is “milia cysts”. When they appear in groups, they are called "milia" for short. We can have them at any age, regardless of our ethnicity, but they are especially common in newborns.

These pimples are formed when keratin (a protein) gets stuck under the skin (dermis).

The buds are white or yellowish and have a diameter of 1 to 2 millimeters. Up to 50% of infants can have them and they usually appear on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. However, it can sometimes be seen on the top of the trunk and the ends.

These pimples are usually painless. However, people may experience redness and irritation caused by rubbing against rough tissue.

What causes these pimples:

The cause of milita in small babies is unknown, but some children are born with it.

In adults, it is often associated with previous skin damage, such as burns, blister injuries, damage from long exposure to the sun, prolonged use of steroid creams, dermabrasion, or skin resurfacing, laser or a reduction in the skin's natural ability to exfoliate (following aging).

How to eliminate these pimples?

Usually the milia will simply go away on its own within a few months. You should not try to remove pimples on your own.

If you try to remove them, you will not succeed, and you will get red and itchy skin and possible infections and scars instead.

There is no specific treatment to get rid of milia, but a few things can help prevent it from occurring or make it go away faster.

Here are some suggestions:

  •  clean the affected area every day with a mild soap
  • use steam to open the pores
  • exfoliate the skin 2 or 3 times a week
  •  avoid over-exposure to the sun and use sunscreen
  • avoid thick creams or oil-based products
  • opt for topical retinoids (vitamin A creams or gels)

If you want to make these pimples disappear for cosmetic reasons, you should consult a dermatologist, who can perform a simple procedure that does not require anesthesia and which is performed with a sterile needle, or who can offer another treatment.

Do you get milia on your face? What do you usually do?

Source: Sympa · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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