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Do you know these easy ways to remove furniture scratches wood?

Do you know these easy ways to remove furniture scratches wood?
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Your furniture will be like new!

Wooden furniture are beautiful, but some have scratches very quickly. If you have a family and wooden furniture, then you must have some scratches on your furniture; It's inevitable.

However, there are some tips that you can use to cover these ugly marks and reduce the appearance of wear. This can help you keep your furniture a few more years.

Here are the best tips to keep your wooden furniture like new!

Wax crayons

Crayons work well for deep scratches. Find a crayons that matches the color of your furniture or mix colors by grating some of your crayons in a small bowl. Place the bowl in a pot of boiling water to melt the wax, then pour the wax into the scratch. Smooth the whole thing with a butter knife.

Olive oil

Mix 1/2 cup vinegar and an equal amount of olive oil and rub it on your scratched surface. You will quickly notice the difference!


If your dark wood furniture has a scratch, you can paint on the wood surface with iodine and a cotton ball and wipe off the excess with a paper towel.


You can also use heavily brewed coffee in the same way to reduce the appearance of damaged wood in the case of dark colored wood. Try to rub the coffee grounds in your scratch with a Q-tip.


Walnuts work very well to repair a scratch. Simply rub a walnut on your scratch, the walnut will fill the scratch and smooth it. You can also try rubbing some walnut oil with a soft cloth.


Applying a watercolor or oil paint with a paintbrush is another good way to hide scratches on your furniture.

Use a color that is a little darker than the furniture and dab it with a paintbrush in the scratch. However, this method, does not work on polyurethane finishes.

Eyebrow pencil

You can also try coloring small scratches with an oil eyebrow pencil

Peanut butter

For large scratches, rub the peanut butter into your scratches and leave it there for at least an hour. You can wipe off the excess peanut butter and polish it to repair the damaged wood.

Petroleum jelly

Try to apply some petroleum jelly on your scratch and let it act overnight. This method fills in the scratch. You can wipe and polish your furniture the next morning.


Cover your scratches with mayonnaise and leave it there for two or three days before wiping off excess mayonnaise. The oils in the mayonnaise will fill the crack.


Place a black tea bag in a cup with a few tablespoons of hot water. Let your tea bag infuse for 2 or 3 minutes. If you leave it longer your tea will be darker so let your tea infuse according to the desired color.

Use a cotton swab to dab some tea into your crack. Wipe off the excess with a paper towel. You may need more than one application.


Mix equal parts of lemon juice and vegetable or olive oil. Use a soft cloth to rub the scratch in the same direction that the scratch was caused until it disappears. It works well on small scratches.

The good old felt pen

You can still use the good old felt pen for small scratches! I hope these things will help you remove the ugly scratches from your furniture!

Feel free to share this great tips with your friends!

Source: Home hacks · Photo Credit: Home hacks

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