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Do you know what is in the center of chocolate cherries?

Do you know what is in the center of chocolate cherries?
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Chocolate covered cherries are a classic treat! Most people either love or hate them and they are especially popular during the holiday season. A hard chocolate shell and a creamy cherry semi-liquid center. Ever wonder what is actually inside? 


The secret ingredient is called "invertase". That enzyme is well known by chemists by its ability to splits sucrose into two distinct parts; glucose and fructose and breaks down "the bond" between the two. 

Interesting fact: that enzyme is also found is saliva, bees, beer and fondant! In fact, commercial-grade invertase that can be purchased at speciality stores or online is often times derived from bees! 

Candy makers and bakers use invertase to make fondant on cakes and the gooey center of cherry cordials. The fondant is usually prepared with invertase or the cherries are coated in it. Then the cherries are dipped in chocolate and set aside to cool down for 1 to 2 weeks, giving enough time for the enzyme to break down. The cherry is then liquified and becomes that famous liquid center! 

If you don't like chemicals there's another easy and delicious way to make chocolate-covered cherries, simply soak them in brandy instead! 

Do you like chocolate-covered cherries? Or do you give them away as gifts? 

Source: My Recipes · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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