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Do you know what to do with that messy laundry detergent cap?

Do you know what to do with that messy laundry detergent cap?
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For some people doing the laundry is the worst chore. First wash the clothes, then dry them and the hardest part fold and put away! If you have a big family (or are messy) you probably have the bulk size detergent that can be rather messy.  

They often time leak and the cap is somehow always messy! Yes, they are handy and help mesure the correct amount of detergent to put in the washing machine, but there is always some detergent residue that just stays there. It gets sticky and messy really quick. 

Well, do you know that there is a very easy way to take care of this problem? In fact, the solution is even printed at the bottom of the cup! 

Mamas Laundry Talk

Yes! You are supposed to toss it in the washing machine along with your dirty clothes. All the popular laundry detergent and fabric softener companies have that machine washable cup that you can just throw inside the washer. Take a look at the home you have home! It will result in a cleaner laundry room and you won't have sticky fingers after touching the messy cap! 

Have you heard of this trick before? All you had to do is read the instructions! We have to admit that we didn't know either!

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