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Do you know what uses the most energy in your home?

Do you know what uses the most energy in your home?
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The electricity bill!

We try to use the less energy possible in the house, to avoid paying too much when we receive the electricity bill.

Some people think that the lights use a lot of electricity, while others think that it is computers or heating.

Do you know which appliances use the most energy in your home? Do you pay attention to your consumption of electricity?

To avoid an increase in our electricity bills, we must try not to overconsume but to do so, we must have know what consumes the most energy in our house.


Heating is what uses the most electricity in a home including water heaters, no matter whether they are gas or electric!

If you live in an old home, it will consume more than a modern home because it may be less well insulated and will consume more energy than a newer home. Make sure to change the old windows full of cracks and check the old heaters! Sometimes people choose solar panels.


Lighting comes in second place. However, it is possible to make good savings with the new LED bulbs, which are on the market. These last much longer than ordinary light bulbs and use less energy! It can make a good difference on your electricty bill!

Household appliances

Household appliances and televisions are a big part of energy consumption, since they are always used. In the past, our appliances, like our old refrigerators and stoves and dryers, used a lot of electricity, but fortunately for us, nowadays they use less energy and they are much more efficient in terms of their electricity consumption! Here's why it's best not to keep your old fridge and buy a new one!

Computers, laptops...

After refrigerators, stoves and televisions, the last ones are computers, laptops, and tablets. They use almost no electricity.

Reduce the consumption of electricity

We can now see that people use less energy thanks to devices that are much more efficient in terms of their electricity consumption. Nevertheless, we must be vigilant because the electricity bill can be very expensive if we do not pay attention!

Hoping that we will soon switch to 100% renewable energy!

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