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Do you know why are there diamonds on the measuring tapes?

Do you know why are there diamonds on the measuring tapes?
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Did you ever paid attention to these little markings on measuring tapes? They are really practical!

If you don't use a tape measure every day, you may never have noticed these little black diamonds. But I can assure you that they are practical! And no need to work in construction! You will even find a great tip to use with this little discovery!

You will notice several marks on a measuring tape. Red marks, black marks and black diamonds. Here's what black diamonds represent:


It is designed to signify the central area between the studs in a building or house. The first symbol will always be in the same place on a ribbon. Or 48.77 cm (19.2 inches). To understand its advantage, you will need to understand the 8-foot rule.

To facilitate the work during the construction of a building, a good trick is to have a template to locate the same measurement repeatedly. As for the manufacture of studs in the walls of a house for example. So to locate a center between the studs, this is where black diamonds become very useful. If you divide the space of 243.84 cm (8 feet) by 5, you will get 48.77 cm (19.2 inches). The black diamonds on the tape measure will represent these spacings. These diamonds will help you mark the places, for the manufacture of the uprights.

The 1st black diamond is at 48.77 cm (19.2 inches) and then the next ones will be at 97.54 cm (38.4 ") - 146.30 cm (57.6") - 195.07 cm (76 , 8 ") and 243.84 cm (96") or (8 feet). It is one stud less for each additional 243.84 cm (8 feet) of wall, counting the studs from start to finish.


If you know that the walls of your house were built under this formula (A very common method in Western Canada) you may not need a detector to locate studs in walls. Use your measuring tape and knock on the wall as you did before the detectors existed, you will hear it.

Do you have a nail to plant to hang a frame? Your simple measuring tape can help you trace the studs! Pretty cool isn't it ?!

Have you heard of this tip before?

Source: Youtube · Photo Credit: Youtube

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