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Do you know why baby onesies have folds on the shoulders?

Do you know why baby onesies have folds on the shoulders?
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Babies are amazing! These is nothing quite seeing your little bundle of joy smile or laugh as you enter the room or play with them. However, they are not always easy! Newborns are especially know for their "explosive" poop diapers...and it can get really messy!

If you already went through that phase then you probably already know what we are taking about! If you are in that phase right now, or know somebody that is excepting, we have an incredible life-changing tip when it comes to changing overfilled poop diapers.

You know those little folds on your baby shoulders onesies? Well, they are very very very handy! That special feature is actually meant to help you pull the onesie down the baby's body instead. No more poo-poo in baby's hair!

Take a look at the video below!

These little folds can be also very useful if you are having a hard time putting the onesie through your baby's head. They can be fussy when getting dressed or simply have a larger head making it more difficult!

Did you know about this trick? How did/do you handle poop diapers? 

Source: TipHero · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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