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Do you like to include recycled elements in your decor? Inspire yourself with these 8 projects.

Do you like to include recycled elements in your decor? Inspire yourself with these 8 projects.
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The beauty of these projects comes from the fact that nearly every old item can be recycled and the result always depends on our creativity. It's nice to be able to bring a different touch to our decor because that's what gives the charm to our house, right ?

Instead of collecting more and more waste, our consumerism society tends to create without stopping , why not convert objects and give them a new function ?

Here are some pictures of projects that are really original! Which one do you prefer ?

Project 1

Admit that this bench stands out from the others, right? I like the backrest made with the handle of the shovels !

Project 2

I would see that kind of bench in a cottage! So smart! Use an old boat to make a bench, that's a great idea !

Project 3

These door knobs stand out from the others, that's for sure! I think this idea would be perfect in a farmhouse or in a cabin in the mountains, right ?

Project 4

It's crazy all you can do with funnels! We can make candlesticks, flowerpots or stuff to hold our twine or our yarn! I just love it!

Project 5

Why not have original hooks instead of having some common hooks from the store? I would see these hooks in a kitchen, and you?

Project 6

Admit that you can do a lot of things with an old boat ! This is beautiful with all the flowers inside !

Project 7

These chairs are amazing ! I take my hat off to the person who did that, but I wonder if the chairs are comfortable !

Project 8

This pot rack is great! It's actually a bicycle wheel! And? What do you think of these projects? I must admit that I love the idea of the door knobs made with utensils.

Do you like to include decorative elements like these in your home decor? What is your favorite project ? Feel free to leave me your comments !

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Source: Architecture world · Photo Credit: Architecture world

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