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Doctor shares how long is the PERFECT nap time!

Doctor shares how long is the PERFECT nap time!
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COVID-19 changed all our lives and forced most people to stay home more often. And by spending more time inside, some have developed new habits, like taking a mid-day nap! Yes, naps are not only meant for babies! They can be quite refreshing and allow us to continue having a productive day.

However, not all naps are the same! In fact, there is a time that should not be exceed for the perfect nap.

Dr. Karan Raj is very popular on TikTok with over 2.7M followers! And he recently shared the best tips for the optimal nap.

"I wanna tell you the secret to the perfect length of a nap and the best time to nap.

The 'Goldilocks nap'. Nap for 90 minutes. Ninety minutes allows you to cycle through all the sleep stages - that's one cycle of sleep.

Any longer or shorter you risk sleep inertia, that feeling of grogginess.

The best time to nap is between 1pm and 4pm. Sleeping any later will drop your adenosine levels too low so you won't feel sleepy at night.

Adenosine is a sleep molecule, when it's high, we feel sleepy, when it's low, we feel alert. Sleeping reduces adenosine levels."

The bottom line, you should nap for exactly 90 minutes between 1pm to 4pm in order to achieve the 'Goldilocks nap'.

You might finally avoid the feeling of disorientation when you wake up from a too-long nap! 

Do you ever sleep during the day? Is your schedule different with the global pandemic? 

Source: Lad Bible · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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